Letting go of you

Stepping on the stone cold floor,

With tears rolling down my face,

I wish I could’ve been happy for a little more,

My eyes are covered up with lace.

The mirror sends me back in time,

When everything was just in place,

I never knew you were able to commit a crime,

You killed me and sent me into a maze.

I can’t escape, I can’t let go,

I want to run, I want to die,

You were no good, I didn’t see,

I still think about any little lie.

But the hardest thing I have to do,

Is to let you go and never look back,

I wish I could, I wish I knew,

How to solve it or go back.

I feel your kiss going down my neck,

I get these goosebumps every time,

Let it go! I can’t! I can’t!

You keep burning down our flame.

I dream of you letting me go,

I call you but you never answer,

I’m slowly going to let you go,

And in my heart I’ll put a password.

Letting you go, letting you go,

Trust me, I will do it,

Letting you go, letting you go,

And the pain? I’m gonna’ cover it.

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